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About me

Telling my story through pattern and imperfections!

Hello! I’m Kris Hackl, owner of K.Hackl Pattern. I’m a college instructor of interior design, a textile and surface designer and block printer. I dislike perfection and find beauty in the story an object has to tell. You can find that in the stray marks, the worn edge, or a drip of ink.

My passion for pattern most likely began in my childhood where I grew up in a bedroom filled with gingham, a kitchen covered with bright yellow floral wallpaper and a mom who loved polka dots and plaid. Pattern is what brought me into interior design, it’s what inspires me and challenges me creatively. I’ve taken the leap to start a business and pursue my passion. My hope is that my patterns will bring a spark of happiness and uniqueness to your home and everyday life. Thanks for letting me share my story with you.

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